FIFA World Cup 2022 Teams

The current FIFA World Cup 2022 is right around the corner and the teams are gearing up for the big stage. It’s the most prominent world cup in the history of soccer and fans from all over the world just love to watch FIFA matches.

The current Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup will be the first one that is going to be held in the Middle East. Also, it will be the very first one that will be held in the month of November to December.

All in all, there are eight stadiums where the teams will be playing their FIFA world cup matches.

Speaking about the teams, let’s go ahead and unveil the names of teams that will play at the current FIFA World Cup 2022.

Details on FIFA World Cup 2022 Teams

The current 2022 men’s World Cup that will be held in Qatar will feature around 32 teams who will fight to their way to glory. For the 2026 FIFA World Cup, the same number is all-set to get expanded to 48 teams.

Since the year 1998, FIFA World Cup has featured 32 teams where each team has been the best of all.

More to it, there will be thirty-one nations who will earn the right of play alongside Qatar who are directly qualified.

As of now, things are becoming much clearer on the nations who will qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

Given below is a brief summary on the nations and qualified teams:

  •         Africa: 5
  •         Asia: 4 along with 1 Playoff qualifier
  •         Europe: 13
  •         North & Central America: 3
  •         Oceania: 1 Playoff Qualifier
  •         South America: 4 along with 1 Playoff qualifier

Additionally, the two major intercontinental playoff series which will feature one nation from the four regions will eventually determine the two final qualifiers for FIFA World Cup.

Which are the Teams that have Qualified for FIFA World Cup 2022?

In total, around 13 teams have qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022 which includes the Host nation.

With that, around 19 spots are still left vacant and it will be filled in the upcoming months.

Also, additionally, to Qatar, there are 10 nations from the European region that have qualified for the current FIFA World Cup.

From the South American region, Brazil was the first country to qualify where they enjoyed five good matches. Later, Argentina joined the group where both the nations are looking quite strong.

To make you have a complete look at the qualified teams, have a glance below and uncover each of the teams:

  •         Qatar
  •         Germany
  •         Denmark
  •         Brazil
  •         France
  •         Belgium
  •         Croatia
  •         Spain
  •         Serbia
  •         England
  •         Switzerland
  •         Netherlands
  •         Argentina

Indeed, there are some more of the best nations that are still in the race for the current FIFA World Cup 2022.

However, the teams will have to fight off their skins if they are eager to compete at the big stage.

Check out the venues for FIFA World Cup 2022 here.


Currently, not all of the teams are qualified and there are a few teams left who will make their way up towards the mega stage. Out of hundreds of world soccer teams, only a few will get a chance to play at such a massive level. With that, one thing is for sure that the competition will be a lot fierce.

Hence, as fans of any soccer team, you must be filled with complete joy. With that, if you are not planning to visit the stadium, then you can uncover some of the very best online streaming options.

Make sure to choose the correct plan and then support your favorite team, right from your good homes. 


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