FIFA World Cup Volunteers – How To Apply and FAQ

The authorities have begun to offer exceptional trainings for FIFA World Cup Volunteers after a strict selection. Volunteers must be prepared for the demands of a large sporting event.

Volunteering offers many advantages. More than 16,000 volunteers participate in the program. They were therefore gathered at the Lusail Stadium to receive the official orientation.

Since more than half a year, FIFA World Cup Volunteers have been selected by authorities. Nearly 500,000 applications are still available from around the globe after the selection process.

There are also 20,000 volunteers from the local community. The program will also include 4,000 volunteers from abroad. Volunteers are from all walks of life and come from 180 countries on six continents.

One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation the official volunteer uniform. The adidas-designed outfit has a unique logo design and triple-stripe details to symbolize the volunteer spirit.

It’s styled in the traditional colors of purple, white, mint and black. Volunteers are provided with a complete outfit, including hats, jackets and short sleeves, as well as slacks and socks. Optional head scarves are available for female volunteers.

FIFA World Cup Volunteers training

This gave everyone a glimpse of the challenges and potential opportunities that lie ahead. This event night was intended to build community and familiarize everyone with the unique activities that are available across 45 functional responsibilities.

Video presentations were used to show the volunteer journey. The presentation also featured a glimpse at the elearning platform, where volunteers can sign up for general subject training.

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Volunteers will receive their role-specific and general training online to begin the phases of their volunteer experience. This will be followed up by stadium instruction in the exact locations they will be stationed and performing their tasks.

The last step is in-person venue-specific training. This gives volunteers a real taste of what they will be doing in the actual venues.

You should always grab the chance that knocks. Volunteering for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022(tm), which will be held in Qatar this year, is an amazing opportunity! FIFA has created 20,000 volunteer roles in 30 different roles at 25+ locations throughout Qatar.

The team (ILQ), has outlined the steps to apply for FIFA World Cup(tm). Continue reading to learn more!

What are the conditions?

    • You must be at least 18 years of age. If you are 17 years old, you can still apply as long as your turn is before 1 October 2022.
    • You must be available for at least 10 shifts throughout the entire tournament.
    • It is important to be able speak English and Arabic.


    1. Is it possible to volunteer for a disabled?
      Yes. You can state any special requirements in your application.
    2. Do I have to volunteer with a friend?
      Volunteers can be applied for by you and a friend, or family member. We cannot guarantee that both of you will be chosen to take part in the event.
    3. Do I have to apply for multiple events?
      Yes. Yes, provided that the events aren’t at the same moment, you can apply for as many events as possible.
    4. What kind of training will I get?
      The tournament you volunteer for will determine the type of training that you receive. The training will cover information about the tournament, your role, and the venue to which you will be assigned.
    5. Do I need accommodation near the location where I will be volunteering?
      Yes. You will need to be able to commute to your venue from where you are staying. You do not have to confirm you have accommodation when you apply.
    6. Is FIFA able to cover my travel and accommodation expenses?
      No. No. You are responsible for your own travel and accommodation costs to volunteer.
    7. How do I get from my accommodation at the venue to my volunteering assignment?
      FIFA will pay for your travel expenses to and from the site where you volunteer. Further information about transport will be provided in due course.

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