Denmark will wear team jerseys at the FIFA World Cup 2022 that protest the human rights record of host nation Qatar

Denmark will wear team jerseys to the FIFA World Cup 2022. This is in protest at Qatar’s human rights record. Wednesday’s unveiling of a black option was done in honour of the victims of migrant worker accidents.

Hummel, a kit manufacturer, posted on Instagram that the “colour of mourning” was released in a new black third-choice design.

The company stated that while they support the Danish national team, they should not be confused with supporting a tournament which has claimed the lives of thousands.

These designs appear to fulfill a promise by the Danish football association to not wear any clothing that contains political messages at the tournament in Qatar. However, the three Denmark shirt designs (all-red, all white, and all-black) do not contain any words or symbols that could be considered explicit statements. The shirt’s national team badge, Hummel logo, and decorative white Chevrons, which have been a prominent feature of the Denmark shirt since 1980s, are faded to the same colour as the shirt.

Hummel stated that “we don’t want to be visible during the (the) tournament.” Hummel stated that while we support the Danish national team, it is not the same as supporting Qatar as the host nation.

The No. 1 ranked country in the world, Denmark. The 10-ranked team that reached the European Championship semifinals in last year’s edition of the tournament was one of 32 World Cup teams most likely take a strong stand against Qatar.

The Danish Federation joined an European campaign last week to encourage captains to wear multi-coloured, heart-shaped “One Love” armbands during World Cup games.

In the last decade, the gas-rich Emirate has been scathingly criticized for how it treated migrant workers mainly from South Asia who were needed to build stadiums, roads, and hotels worth tens of millions of dollars.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, Qatar’s World Cup organizers, responded with a harsh response. They highlighted “significant reforms to Qatar’s labour system” that would protect workers and provide better living conditions for them.

The committee stated that there had been a “robust, transparent dialogue” between the DBU and the Danish federation that has led to a “better understanding of the progress made.”

Hummel’s claims that the tournament has claimed thousands of lives is untrue. We reject Hummel’s claim that this tournament has cost thousands of lives.

Qatar claims that only three workers were killed in work-related accidents while constructing the eight stadiums in Doha. However, it has been accused of not reporting deaths related to wider construction.

The committee stated that Qatar’s reforms were “recognised by some international human right groups as a model that has accelerated development and improved lives.”

“Like all countries, progress on these matters is a journey with no finish line,” stated the statement. We urge the DBU and their partners at Hummel to accurately communicate the results of their extensive communication and work together with the Supreme Committee.

Danish officials are leading a group of European football associations visiting Qatar to track the progress of promised reforms to labour laws.

Denmark was drawn with France, the defending champion, who typically wears dark blue shirts, Australia, whose first choice color is gold, or Tunisia, who wears white.

FIFA has listed Denmark as the host team and first choice of color for the tournament’s opening match against Tunisia on Nov. 22.

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